About Seed

About TheSeedProject


The Seed Project was established by NZ retailers and athletes who shared a love for roller skating and their homeland, Aotearoa. Every product and accessory design reflects their passion for New Zealand, imbuing unique characteristics into each one.

The aim is to create a homegrown brand that directly supports the roller sports community and its athletes. The Seed Project works tirelessly with coaches and elite athletes to pursue improvement and growth.

Things you should know about Seed Skates:

  • The Boots: Seed Skates uses genuine Suede for its boots, providing optimal comfort and ankle support without hindering flexibility. The boots are tailored for wider KIWI feet and securely stitched.


  • The Plates: Both regular Seeds and SeedPro come with full metal plates are durable and steady, suitable for casual glides or aggressive park skating.


  • The Wheels: The wheels are 82A outdoor wheels, suitable for smooth concrete and skate parks.


  • The Toe-stops & Parts: The Seed Toestops are adjustable to your desired sensitivity.


  • The Parts: The Seed and SeedPro Toestops are adjustable,  most parts are easily interchangeable with other brands.