Determine your size

Virtual Fitting for TheSeedProject Skates

At The Seed Project we emphasize the importance of getting fitted professionally by experienced technicians.

Try on your skates at! offers fittings, virtually for skaters outside Auckland and in-person for those based in Auckland! Boot adjustment service is available in store.

Our DIY measurement instructions are tested and proven to be super accurate! If you often have width issues with shoes, please follow the instructions below and take 3 photos(Left and right foot on ruler, photo of the beginning part of the ruler), then send them to An experienced technician will then advice your SEED size.

TheSeedProject skates offers a comfortable fit for Kiwis. To find out your size, simply follow our fitting process below.

Note the DIY method is not designed for extremely wide/narrow feet, If you frequently encounter width problems with your footwear, always contact us before determine a size.

Step 1

Place a ruler against the wall. The ruler should be perpendicular to the wall. Put a white A4 paper underneath to make it easier to read.

Step 2

Place your foot right on top of the ruler, make sure it's straight from heel to toe. your heel should lightly touch the wall. Put your body weight on the measured foot without bending the knee.

Step 3

Repeat the process for both feet and note down the numbers.

Step 4

Now if your ruler doesn't start from 0, add the extra bit back. In this case we'll add 0, as the ruler starts from 0.

Foot length(larger foot)220mm - 225mm226mm - 235mm236mm - 240mm241mm - 245mm246mm - 250mm251mm - 255mm256mm - 260mm261mm - 265mm266mm - 275mm276mm - 285mm
Narrow feet225235235240245250255260270280
Normal feet225235240245250255260270280280
Wide feet235240245250255260270270280280