The SeedPro has all the same features of the original Seed boot + more!

Omg the Seed Pro are next level. Finally I can spin and roll out of a jump spin 😍

Kylie, Auckland

The seed boot is made out of 100% suede leather with comfortable foam linings in the boot and tongue. They mold to your feet over time and won’t restrict movement while still providing sufficient ankle support.
These boots are designed for recreational skaters who want comfort and reliability in their skating, whether it's outdoor, jam, or park skating.

The SeedPro version is all about the plate.

The plate has been adapted for better performance and adjustability.

Features include:

  • Full metal plate designed as a whole part, making a strong and reliable base that will not bend or deform even under the most aggressive jumps.
  • The plate includes an angled kingpin (similar to high-end artistic plates) which allows for more control over your skates, making edges, turns and spins easier.
  • Toestop Allen screw which makes adjusting and removing toestops and toe plugs effortless and secure. No more toestops falling off when doing toe tricks!
  • Wheels, Toestops and Bearings are replaceable and adaptable with all accessories in the market.