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Introducing the Tui Skates, a new addition to the Seed Project brand inspired by the fascinating Tui birds of New Zealand native bush. These skates combine style, comfort, and functionality, making them perfect for anyone who loves a good dose of adventure on wheels!

The skates are crafted using high-quality materials to ensure durability, making them perfect for hardcore skating enthusiasts or casual skaters alike. The Tui Roller Skates feature a mix of bright and bold colors, inspired by the colorful plumage of the Tui birds.

At the heart of the Tui Roller Skates is their comfortable design. Padded ankle collars and cushioned insoles ensure that you won't have to worry about fatigue or blisters, even if you spend hours gliding along the pavement. The skates feature an adjustable lace-up system for a perfect, snug fit, and the wheels are made from durable polyurethane, which provides excellent traction and grip.

The Tui Roller Skates are also easy to maneuver, allowing you to perform tricks with ease. The ABEC-9 bearings make for smooth, swift spins and turns, while the lightweight design ensures you can easily control your movements, making them perfect for anyone looking to master skating skills. Whether skating outside in the park or in the skating rink, the Tui Roller Skates will provide a smooth and seamless experience.

But beyond their impressive functionality and design, the Tui Roller Skates stand out for their unique and inspiring aesthetic. Designed to capture the natural beauty of New Zealand's Tui birds, these skates add a touch of color and vibrancy to any skating session. Moreover, they are perfect for anyone who loves to pay homage to nature and wants to incorporate a little bit of nature into their recreation routine.

100% Suede Boots
Comfortable Foam Linings and Tongue
SeedPro Plates
92A Outdoor wheels with curved shoulders: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces with maximum responsiveness
Adjustable Toe stops
Abec 9 Bearings

Suitable for: Jam, Artistic skating, Outdoor Skating, Skate Park Skating, Casual Skating.

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